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“Less is more’’ seems to be her aim. The painting itself has to tell the story. As a child Loïs Boomsma and her family travelled trough Holland as members of an open air variety show. Because of this, the circus and the theatre often provided the theme in her work.
The person behind the lawyers and judges, the pleadings and judgments fascinated
her for a long time and inspired her to paint. The body- language and clothing also. This too is ‘theatre’, she finds.
Observing her surroundings intensely, became part of her. Loïs Boomsma processes these visual images by making notes of them. She also notes down images she has before falling asleep or when she wakes up. These notes inspire her to make paintings.
In an attempt to find peace, she decided not to exhibit her work for a few years and its during this period she worked according to the way described up here. It also makes her curious in regards to her next painting. Since September 2005 her work can be found in exhibitions.